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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Down baby, down kabisa.

New York was fun.
I can now say that I've been in a Hot Air Balloon. Not exactly something that I had on my to-do list but sure we can't plan our entire lives. It was fun to do, I wouldn't exactly be rushing to get up at half 4 in the morning again to do it though.
Before doing it I'd been wondering how they steer it, I sorta assumed it could be steered by directing the heat to a side of the balloon or something like that, but no.
When we were about 50 ft off the ground I asked the guy how he steers it, and he replies I don't. We all had a little laugh and then he goes, "No seriously, I can't control which way it goes". He was a pretty sound guy. I find a lot of Americans quite abrasive but he was fortunately not one of those.

The balloon/basket looked something like this, same size-ish but less colourful.

When our one was slightly more deflated than this it looked really, really wrinkly. I made the observation, as I was obliged to by being the only male present, that it somewhat resembled a nutsack. My sisters didn't find this funny at all. They did that thing where they just ignore what I said instead of having to deal with responding to me.

The rest of the time in NY was basically chilling with the sisters and got to meet my sisters boyfriend who was lovely. It was a pretty pleasant time all in all.

I've started using grooveshark again a bit, toning down the 8tracks usage.
Here's a slick Atmosphere playlist I put together for Shane.


So I started making a tea drinking game, but I ran into an annoying problem and haven't finished it yet. Spent about 3 hours doing it, another 3 hours should have it finished if I don't spend forever fixing this one problem. BLEGH. Also, this game doesn't shut down your computer so some people will be relieved to hear that.
Although it's not too late for me to throw that into it I suppose.....

Thinking of having people over for a bit of a day-sesh in mine on Sunday. Not sure if I can do the trek of making a facebook event. I imagine enough people would be around town though so it wouldn't be too hard to get some people to stall over... What dyiz all reckon?


I just realised I never did that blog that you guys picked for me.

I got 3 votes for Smarter than girls, and then 3 single votes. So I'm going to just do the smarter than girls thing out of the way now.


Hold that thought.

I'll pretend it deserves it's own post (it's basically 1 paragraph) because I'm just not bothered to do it right now and I can't really remember what points I wanted to make about it, also I should sleep for work tomorrow.


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