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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Isaac is born

The Story of Story.
April 25th, 2010
"i am re-listening to myself these days. learn music i say. and rather than say, that is expensive or that is hard, i say okay. say you love that person – actually, show you love that person and instead of saying that is socially awkward, i say okay. so when rosa says read me, i try to be quiet and listen and read her. and trust myself. i am trying to remember when it was that i promised myself i would get to know the person in the mirror. when? was i high? i ask myself. no"

This is the page I'm on. 
Obviously I don't know anybody called Rosa so Shane you can be Rosa.

I've started a tumblr under the name Isaac http://isaacdaresyou.tumblr.com/
I wanted the tumblr IdareYou.tumblr.com but it was taken so I figured I'd pretend my name was Isaac and that would be memorable because it starts with I.

You can see what it's about over there.
I've a feeling it might not last but who knows, could turn out to be some fun.


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