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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Smile you creepy fuck. Smile anyways.

I told myself a short while ago that I should smile at randomers more. I don't smile enough. If I make eye contact with a girl I very rarely smile unless I'm on a night out. I should smile but I'm always paranoid that I'll be like that guy who waves back at someone who isn't waving at them. Also, maybe I don't have a nice smile. When I'm drunk I might think I look like this:

Or even this:

but what if I actually come across more like this.

This song's pretty copasetic

I was also thinking of winking at girls sometimes. Winks are so cheeky. Yeah I think I just need to not worry and smile at people more anyways. This kinda ties in with something I had been meaning to talk about actually.

Hot girls on the dart.
They're rare, but when they happen, I always kinda hope they don't sit next to me. That's really just not natural is it? You know you're in for an awkward dart trip home when there's some sweet sitting opposite you. You want to look at them, but then you don't want to be obviously looking at them. And if you do make eye contact the chances are you both have earphones in so you can't say anything even if you had the balls to, and you can't smile in case they think you're a freak and want to change seats. That'd be the worst, if you're that guy who makes them feel so uncomfortable that they want to change seats but train etiquette dictates they're not allowed unless a fully empty set of seats opens up. You also want to talk to them, but that's really just way out of train etiquette. If everybody could talk to anybody they like on the DART it'd just be such a pain in the ass getting it everyday.

I'd never choose to sit down next to a hot girl on the dart, I'd always choose some middle aged man ahead of them. But then ironically I do get slightly offended when there's not many empty seats but people still don't sit next to me even though it's the obvious choice.
Do I look dirty? Do I smell? Do I look like high or drunk? Or someone who's likely to get sick on them?
Or wet myself? Did I wet myself? No, I definitely didn't wet myself. Not yet.
So why don't you sit next to me??
Do I make hot girls feel like that when I choose to sit next to some 90 year old incontinent woman?
I doubt it. I'd say they know exactly what's going on. I don't want to come across as a freak, and we're both better off for it.
I'm not trying to say I'm the equivalent of a hot girl in case anybody gets that notion. My point is I'm a very regular looking guy. If somebody said I need a typical male, I think I could probably do that job. I should be easy to sit next to.
[edit: I just realised that I probably only think I'm typical looking because I'm the guy that I've seen the most in the world. Most people probably think they're typical looking? Although, I'm average height, average build, most common hair colour, common skin colour... I am pretty typical :p]

Actually watch this video. It's so gooood.
This isn't the actual music for it but it's nicer music than the original I reckon.

Pro Squash player:
I've always had this thought in my head that I probably could have succeeded at anything I wanted. I think most people nowadays feel that way. I'm not going to lie, I'm actually quite good at any sport I try. I don't think I've ever had a sport where I just suck ass at it. Unless skateboarding counts. I sucked hard at that when I tried it as a kid.

I never actually started getting properly good at any sports until I was about 16. I started playing a lot of squash then and it just improved my balance, coordination and strength for pretty much everything. I still never over-achieved at squash though. I played for the province but never made the Irish team. I never really tried to though either. I had it in my head that other people were better than me even when they weren't. I never had the drive for it. Same problem with sailing.. Sorta. I always had a sucky ass boat with old ass sails. But even if I was doing okay in races I'd do worse than I should because I'd get out of peoples way just because they'd say so, even if I had right of way. And I'd give them room around marks even if I had no reason to let them in.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I, of all people, wasn't competitive enough in competitions. I was definitely competitive around my friends, but mentally I never cared enough to be a competitive dick to people I didn't know.

I always get told I have a lovely style of play for squash. A natural or whatever. I kinda always just thought people said that to every young player, but since I still get told it sometimes I guess it must be true. A guy at training the other night told me pretty adamantly that he thinks I could have gone pro if I had really tried. (There's no money professional squash really so I was never going to.) He also told me to get angry on court and not be so pleasant, because it's hard to win if you're not really engaged in the match. That is definitely true. If I'm having a laugh and really enjoying the match I always play way worse.
I was also told I'm hitting the ball better now that I ever have before which is weird since I haven't been playing too much.

In conclusion, I've definitely underachieved at sports because I've not had the drive to win, but I've enjoyed them so fuck it. I think working actually does give me an extra drive to try in squash somehow. I find I work a bit harder in training now.

Sarah said I never mention people in my blog posts when we had our super sexy lunch date today. Thanks Sarah for meeting me for lunch, you da best. Work was SO boring today and will be for the next 2 days. The guy training me is away and I've been left with not a lot to do and I'm not 100% on what exactly I have to do of the little bit I have. It's frightful boring. If anybody wants to meet me for lunch around baggot st area around 1pm please do so I can justify taking my whole hour of a lunch break.

This made me laugh.


Peace out.
Stay classy guys.
I love you.

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