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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Do you love me?

Because I love you.

That's why I've spent about another 10 or 12 hours doing loads of new shit so you guys can continue to read my online diary that is this blog, now with even more ease.
Google decided they want to get way stricter on their extensions because apparently some websites were installing them on the sly without letting users know. In fact, maybe you should check what extensions you have installed just in case....

So anyway, after my first week of work I decided to do some coding over the weekend. My blog decryption app no longer requires you to go into it to decrypt the messages. All you have to do is sit there and let it decrypt for itself. Unfortunately because of the new restrictions from google I have to make the extension call other scripts in it through this slow ass method. So basically once my blog loads, you have to wait 2 seconds before the encrypted parts will get decrypted. I think it's tolerable. You probably won't even notice. I probably shouldn't have mentioned it... Oh well, too late now.

I was going to do this cool thing where I can auto-update the app, but I have to pay a 5er to put the app on the google chrome store for that, (or find somewhere I can host files and change them while they're up there) and I ain't doin' that at the mo son.

So yeah, the link on the side should be working again now and you can download the new delicious version. Copy and paste your username and password from the old one and hit the Set Username/Password button and you're donezo. If it breaks, please let me know.

So yeah what's been up.

I got pissed outta me brainz on Saturday night. Went to my cousin's house in Rathmines with my other cousin. Got a little sickies. Real good fun.
Working really makes you appreciate your free time so much more. You're basically never bored (apart from at times at work :p ), which is nice.

For people who don't read the encrypted parts they must find this post awfully boring. So here is a little something that I wanna try out.
Answer these questions anonymously, either via the formspring box on the right or as an anonymous comment. To be honest, the only one I'm really curious about is question number 3, so feel free to skip 1 and 2 if you'd prefer not to answer them.

1) Are you reasonably happy with your life so far? Do you think you've enjoyed it as much as you should have? Is there anything you're disappointed with yourself about?
2) If you could go back in time and re-live a certain age, would you? If so, when would it be and why?
3) Do you think you'll be generally happier some in the future than you are now? When and why?

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