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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Google Headfuck

I imagine this is happening to most people with tcd accounts at the moment; everytime I log in it asks me to clarify or something between 2 google accounts I apparently have. I never set up a second account so google must have automatically done it for me, I'd appreciate if they'd automatically make them back into one for me if they could. I just keep clicking "do this later" but it means I have to keep logging out and in. All this time away from programming seems to have made me a little afraid of computers. I feel like an old dear.

I've been bored out of my ballsack lately. I made 2 c++ programs the last day to cheat in a flash game. One automatically clicks spacebar for me with specific times between clicks which let me cheat a pretty deece score in this game where you have to pick up, jump and throw basketballs (although it didn't work perfectly, I imagine because my CPU is changing it's usage). The other just simulates a left mouse click at a very quick rate which lets you get a very high score at this stupid game where you have to bash a computer. That's how little I have to do lately. I was just playing these stupid games and thought, I bet I could make a program for this and so I did.

For a while I've felt like I should learn some Chopin on the piano. He's pretty awesome and I don't know any. This one is quite famous and I was thinking of finding it somewhere to learn it.
But in my boredom and laziness instead I just went looking through my piano books seeing if there was anything I might like to learn. I came across this piece and I think it sounds kinda fun but I haven't found the motivation to learn it yet, it's pretty quick but it's shorter than the Chopin.
What I could do with right now is some zams. I never play so much piano as when I have exams.

I lost my phone one night when I went to the cinema to see the "In Betweeners" movie. It's very annoying that I did because I had so many things saved in the notes on that phone (had a sweet new rap) =[. Someone found it and wasted 6 beans of my credit ringing Latvia like a twat. Very annoying.


  1. if you go to google accounts website thing and try to sign in with your old one now they give you an option to make a new email address so that stupid thing doesn't come up anymore. (that sounds all vague and stuff but meh)
    you lost your mini computer brick of a phone or a different one?

  2. Yeah buttt I don't want to use a different email address for this, why would I want 2 email addresses?! Apparently TCD doesn't allow you to use your email for all this crap or something...
    Nah didn't lose the mini-compo-bricko phone, I was only using that thing because I lost the other phone. I'm using my 20 euro phone from kenya now. It doesn't take up an entire pocket yay!