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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Diary of a wimpy kid.

So I came across my old diary from when I was 14-15 with one entry from when I was 16.
It just so happened that the last entry which was about half a year after the prior one, the only one entry from when I was 16, had a sentence in it that said "Challenge E.O'Reilly on Tuesday.".  It's weird to see that. He was an old man who I challenged on the squash ladder in the club, he was very old but he still played squash at a decent level because he was very very good in his day. He was in his 70s probably, it's hard to remember since it was a long time ago and old just seemed old to me then.
Anyway, we were only a few minutes into the match when he had a heart attack and died. It was a very shocking experience. Everything I had learned from a first aid course I did that summer went out the window. I had no idea what I was supposed to do for someone having a heart attack. I found out afterwards that his doctor had warned him before to stop playing squash because it was such a health risk for a man of his age, especially since he was carrying belly.

It's actually kind of annoying how shit my writing was back then. Half the time I have no idea what I was trying to say because it's written in scrawl like: "i dno watever was b4 cos i came l8.". That's not an actual quote but a lot of it's like that. It's funny what a typical teenager I was presumably without realizing it. It's really fun reading a diary from so long ago though since I forget so much of it, like that time RYAN missed his schools talent show because I was playing a squash match and couldn't answer it.
It's also a little depressing reading my description of doing weights from when I was 16 and how I probably can't do such weights now. I played an awful lot of squash back then though, I had forgotten how much I played.

On a different topic, I've started back to college. It's very average and in fact I have very little more to say about it. It's nice seeing mates all over the place now but people have lectures at all different times since we have so much subject choice so breaks aren't amazing crack.

Kinda tired, need to get to sleep as I have a 9 lecture 2mrw..

Diary of a wimpy kid is a pretty deece movie even if it is just for kids. Or maybe just any movie is good when you watch it with O-dea-c-us. ;)

This song has been stuck in my head of late, it's ace.

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