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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Transfixed and confused like a pregnant mosquito.

This title is a sentence one of the kids in one of the higher classes used in one of his essays.
So Kenya is going good. Some have kind of bad English but it's their 3rd language so I can't hold it against them. I barely had 1 language when I was 9, these kids are on their 3rd. They're tough as fucking nails. They're constantly smacking each other and climbing on shit and playing with sticks that have nails on them. They all use just the blade from pencil sharpeners as their pencil sharpener. They never complain when they fall on rocks or hit their head on the ground. One of the teachers today was telling me that's because a lot of them get quite badly beaten by their parents. He was saying some hit the kids until they bleed. Pretty rough for the little guys.
They're all cool. And they love us mzungus (whities).

It's actually quite cold here in the mornings and nights but it's so hot in the midday.
I'll throw up a few pics when I bother to put them onto my computer. Getting up at 6:45 every morning is tiring.
Watching a mooovie now, peace out loserss.

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