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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Apologies for my absence my loyal followers.

The above is bullshit. I clearly have no loyal followers as I can see my page stats. Views really plummet when I take a break sheesh. The ratings are down kids. James has work to do. In truth with exams ending and all that it's no longer as tempting to blog but I'll try to keep it up.

I did attempt to do a few blogs but none got past the second paragraph and it wouldn't really make sense to finish them now. Blog is such a shit word. I wish I had something witty to name it instead, like Diary Of Copasetic Stories. Yeah, that will do. I no longer write in my blog. I write in my DOCS, or Docs so it doesn't look ridiculous.

Got denied a credit card for going away to Kenya which is inconvenient as I now get charged to take out money, but convenient as I don't have to worry about losing my credit card and having to cancel it blah blah. It's not surprising really since I have no job, and my bank balance has been somewhere around the 13 euro mark for the last 9 months or so.

Oh check it out Padz, I got my hair cut again and I can now finally fit that tiny baby sized hat you got me on my head.

You may not be able to tell but it's a Tommy Hilfiger hat. And it randomly pops off my head like it's on springs, it's that small.

I'm heading off to Kenya on Tuesday, I will have the interwebs there, so I'll try write a few blogs to keep you guys up to date on my life, but they'll probably be a tad more serious (if that is even possible) since I'll just be teaching kids the whole time.

Going sailing for the weekend, I'll try take some pics as I know the moron gets wet for pics of anything really.

I don't really want to unload a bunch of random stories of little value here since it's not supposed to be a record of my life so I think I'll leave it at that for today and try blog again on Monday before I go away. That's a treat for you guys to apologize for my lack of blogging lately (Getting to know when the next blog will probably be, just in case that wasn't clear).

This video is so trippy.
Confusing and awesome.
p.s. Just read over this and had to edit a bunch of typos and spelling/grammar mistakes. I've really let myself go.

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  1. By the time you had finished writing this, you had already forgotten it's a Docs, and not a blog.

    You'll never make it anywhere in life.