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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fooootballll, foootballll, I lovveee foootballll.

^in the voice of Jamooney.
Tomorrow is the big match between the suas volunteers and the teachers in this primary school. Should be great old fun. Apparently the kids lap it up and just go ape-shit when goals are scored. We have a bunch of stuff planned that the kids and teachers have no idea about, we're going to teach the kids some chants before the game and since it's just boys playing football the suas girls are going to get the crowd going and have those empty huge water dispenser bottles to use as drums. There's loads of facepaint too and if people have free classes they're going to get the kids to make flags. I'll hopefully get some nice pics for my DOCS, i.e you goys ;). The teachers are probably going to hockey us since they're actually very good but we're all thinking that so long as we win the hearts of the crowd we'll be happy out.

Got my summer zam results. Failed one subject but somehow miraculously got 37% in it. Everybody must have done shit or something so he marked easy, I barely answered 50% of the paper and nearly all of that was answered incredibly poorly. Anyways It doesn't matter as I can compensate 37% and got a 2.1 overall. Scraped it but still a 2.1! Delllirrah.

Last week in school they had midterm exams so I was being the big invigilator prick. Anyways it meant all of us were correcting loads of exams. In maths I came across this gem of an answer from one of my kids.
[Okay I can't upload pictures for some reason on this dongle]
I was tempted to give the marks for it but figured the actual maths teacher might not like me giving out marks to people just because they made me laugh, especially when it was something like this where it was probably an honest attempt at answering the question.

Started writing this yesterday and didn't have the dongle so I'm posting this now.
The match was fucking class. We went 2-0 up in the start of the first half but at full time it was 2-2, after extra time it was penalties and unfortunately we lost that. We had a few misses but I kicked the game losing miss, hit the post! There was no option really I had to go left because the kids were too close on the right and I didn't want to hit one. Not that they'd care, they're hard as nails, it just would have meant it was a miss. Lulz.
I should mention that the goals are tiny so it's not really much room for aiming.

When we scored our goals during the game the kids went ape-shit as expected. hundreds of them swarmed the pitch, it was such a laugh. They'd all want high fives and to shake hands or touch anyone on our team, and the school choir (the cool kids in the school) did a real good job of organising the kids and beating the drums. We had 2 of the kids on our team since we only had 6 players and the teachers had like 10 and it was going to be 8 a side. The goalie was about a 10 year old from grade 4 (it goes from 1-8) and the other was the school football team captain. The 2 of them brought the team's average ability shooting up, they were deadly. I'll try get a picture of the lads with one of them and slot it up here sometime. Maybe later than sooner since I can't upload stuff.
(firefox let me upload the pic)

Anyways, better peace on out since I stink and need to shower and shtuff.


  1. you got a 2.1? that's class, well done! good that it's all going well over there!



    Shittest DOCS ever.

  3. Fair play on the exam result Jameso, too bad you totally fucked that up with that peno miss. Poor form.