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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hey, dyu come here often?

Well it's been a while and I apologize. I've been studying a fair bit, although recently I feel like I'm running out of juice, it's just been going on for far too long at this stage and I'm starting to stop caring...
So far I nailed one of them, had 2 go alright, 2 borderline fails but hopefully not, and 1 almost definite failure, but I hope he marks it easily and I get over 30%.... Is that too much to ask for? It sure doesn't sound like it.. Overall I'm looking at quite a poor grade for 3rd year college since I'm already carrying a 42% from my broad curriculum subject (psychology... I got joint lowest score in it, most people got 2.1s or firsts..)

This is how I study. Looking regal as fucking shit. Dressing gown and burger king paper crown fo sho. I feel like I'm maybe being a bit weird wearing it but I get some sort of kick out of it. I keep on having to remember to take it off when I answer the front door. In fact I think I forgot to take it off earlier when my mum's friend came to our house. Oh well. Also notice the face fuzz. Since I'm not going out these days I've taken the opportunity to grow some facial hair. I like that it makes me look like I'm maybe 19-20 which is great since I'm 21 and it's about time I don't look 16. I think I will shave it all off the day after I finish exams but it's funny, I don't want to shave it off anymore. I fully intended to at first but now I'm not so sure...

Around this time of year I always start learning a piano piece. First year it was the first 2 pages of As the world falls down from The Labyrinth, it gets really boring after halfway down the 3rd page. Last year it was those 2 Yann Tiersan pieces that most people who play the piano learn. This year it's this piece called Love is blue which I heard a year ago and got the sheets for it but never bothered to learn it. Anyways I only heard the actual piece today for the first time.
I would have to describe it as the cheesiest fucking piece of music I've ever heard. It's reminds me of commercial christmas music slash 70s tv show intro theme. Why learn it then? Well I came across it here first:
It's some Canadian kid and I thought it sounded nice and she has the sheets in the info section so it's pretty sound. Although she tot's simplifies the left hand (and probs other stuff) at one part which I've taken to tot's doing that too for now anyways cos it's too awkward for me at the moment. I make lotsa fuckups since I can't really take my eyes off the sheets yet. Hopefully I have it down before exams end otherwise I'll forget about it and never play it again.

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