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Sunday, 1 May 2011

15 views yesterday, WOWWW

I got 15 page views yesterday.
I think it's time to Monetise this mutha-fucka.

Unfortunately I can't embed this (sorry sarah-moron) as it's not a link to a youtube video.
This video combines many of my interests.
I listened to a lot of placebo back around 5th-6th year and I also had to study french, and I was 17 or so, so you probably wouldn't be too far off if you guessed that I really really liked that link back then.
I'm not really going to Monetise this as I would make 12 cent a year or something I assume.

Here are 2 pictures from our 6th year Crete holiday that I came across recently.
I like this one as it is Shane. He is clearly very drunk and oh so happy to have gotten a bottle of water with ice in it.

I like this one as it is typical Colm. He didn't make his bed the night before, nor did he even fully make it onto his bed.

Here is a link to a very cexy persons facebook:



  1. I once got 13 views. Highlight of my life so far, naturally..

  2. such an honour to be featured visualy on your blog. Cheers