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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

10 to 2.

Press play then read, or just press play and go back to your business.
When I got home from college today I was really tired despite having done nothing in college all day. Failed to even complete 1 page of my lab report which I spent about 4 hours sitting at a computer pretending to attempt to do. Anyways, when I got home I went up to my bed, lay down and put on my headphones. While falling asleep I decided that I had to link this song on my blog. I only realised then that I think it's probably my favourite song I've ever heard. I've always liked the song since I was about 12 but never really thought about just how great it is.

I did get a score of almost 400000 on alchemyst though actually which I'm a little proud about. The lyon lads unfriended me on facebook though so I can't even brag about it to Rob (cos I'm too cheap to text him).
I think I'll just write today off as hangover from the ball day #2.

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