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Friday, 30 January 2015

201 posts

My last blog post was my 200th post, which is quite a landmark. I was thinking of having my 200th post my last one, a nice round number to finish it off on, but I don't want to finish this without saying goodbye, so I'm not gonna finish it yet. I definitely won't make 250 though :s

Throughout my blogs lifetime I've always watched the stats, and for a while I quite enjoyed getting more views. It made me feel like what I was writing was worth reading for reason.

So to anybody still checking up on my blog here's some stats on it that I'm going to share because I've nothing more interesting to say.

Right now my blog has had 11,755 views. Mostly Irish, and then the States ones are probably entirely Dave :P, my first blog post was most viewed, and March 2013 was my biggest month with 530 views. I know it's a pittance compared to what some other people I know were getting on their blogs, and I'm skeptical about whether these are all real people, but I'm still happy with it. It would have been fun to get more comments from strangers (I think I got 1, maybe 2).
I was hoping to find a list of all the tags/labels I've used for my posts, I never re-use one, but I couldn't find any list :(.

Anyway, here are the stats for anybody bored enough to care.

Next time I'll talk about something exciting. I promise.

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