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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lets go on a journey.

Imagine instead of always having to physically travel we sometimes had to go on mental journeys to get to places. Kinda like how they do in movies.

Wouldn't that be exciting.

Sometimes I feel like maybe when we die we change world, reload buddy. That sorta job. Except the world is different. Like all universes are parallel, and when we die, we hop to another one. That would explain why sometimes I feel like I've lived things that I haven't or couldn't have. Another, far more reasonable explanation would be all the crazy movies, games and (the most likely) crazy  dreams I've had in my time. God I love those crazy movies, games and dreams.

Nothing beats a good dream really does it.

Here's a song and video that really take me halfway to another world.

Wack up the sound, stick on fullscreen and enjoy this bad boy.

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